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Be (IN)couraged!

I'm not the smartest person in the world.

Chances are, neither are you.

Tee hee...just kidding.

Buuut if you're like me, you ARE probably smart enough to be resourceful.

A Resourceful Woman is a powerful one. She knows that she doesn't have to make everything by hand & be everyone's e-v-e-r-y thing. A Resourceful Woman knows when to let someone do her hair, so that she has more time to spend with loved ones. A Resourceful Woman doesn't have to be born a great cook; she can turn herself into one by studying the Food Network and WORKING IT OUT!

That said, you don't always have to come up with your own inspiration. You CAN -- but sometimes, it's okay to let others refresh you.

Take a moment today and double-click the WHITE BUTTON found on the right side of this page. It says "(in)courage".

This little spot is where women from all over the country come together to share stories and devotionals to help you right where you are. They are from different cultures and walks of life, but their FAITH is the same.

Poke around and check it out ~ read from someone different than yourself & let the Lord uplift your heart.

You'll be glad you did...

If you see something you enjoyed over there, let me know!



Anonymous said...

Lady C Green
I need encouraging.....I believe someone who I thought of as a friend has excluded me out of certain parts of their life. Parts that I thought I would definitly be a part of. Now the reasons I think I am excluded are all what I think nothing that was said to me. So I could be absolutly WRONG!

1. Started a business that I have always seen happing. Encouraged and prayed of the start and the success of this business. Reason I am not included: I am not saved enough. I am a fairly new saved soul.

2. Started a family and I am not part of the newest addition life like I would love to be. Reason I am not included: I am not married and living with my boyfriend.

Because this person is a honest person if I was to confront them about what I think, you know the old saying, "The true hurts".

Any advice or encouraging words?

sparkedlife@gmail.com said...

Sure thing...

It's likely that your friendship isn't over. It sounds like you aren't communicating exactly how you feel or what you need to your friend?

This person actually sounds pretty busy!

I've heard someone say that the only time we are disappointed is when our expectations are not met.

When you have your hopes set in one direction and something different occurs, it can be hard to accept.

On that note, sometimes people have different expectations within a friendship. You should tell your friend how you feel & give them room to be honest in their reply (you know, without making them feel guilty). Proverbs says, "An enemy multiplies kisses, but wounds from a friend can be trusted." So yeah, sometimes the truth can pinch.

But maybe the lack of communication is making you feel insecure? That could make you guess in the wrong direction, like you said!

How your friend is acting may not have anything to do with you. But TALK to your friend about how you feel! Tell them what you miss.

Friendships can change over time. And we have to be flexible enough to change as well. You are better for the times you shared. And you are matured if you have the wisdom to give someone space when it's needed.

But TALK to your friend, first.

The thought of ending or losing an important friendship is scary. Especially as a new Christian. But if you entrust your heart to the One who made you and knows you best, He will guide you.

And did I mention that maybe you should talk to your friend? :)

Email me if you have any more questions.

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