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Busy, Busy, Busy!

You know, I'm not sure where I read this, but recently I heard a woman say that she was extremely busy. So busy in fact, that she didn't have time to sit down each day to be still in prayer and read a few verses. I could relate.

THEN she said, "but I always find enough time for hair and makeup."



So today, I tried something a little different. Just a little less primping (OK, maybe it was just faster strokes with the mascara wand) and then a moment to read a quick devotional, the three verses attached to it and another moment to let it sink in. It didn't take much and it blessed me.

In those few moments I was reminded of the verse: "He restoreth my soul..." Psalm 23

He really does.

Those minutes were great food for thought on my way to work. And it felt good to prioritize something that I always SAY I will, and then have a hard time doing because I'm......yeah, you guessed it: so busy.

We make time for the grocery store, for fun CVS runs (is that just me?), the ATM and of course, gasoline for the car! But when do we make time to refuel our hearts and renew our minds --other than on Sundays?

And maybe we aren't supposed to have the same "routine" for Bible study and prayer everyday.

Maybe, just like in our relationships, we're supposed to switch things up and keep it fresh?

Maybe we're supposed to pray and find creative ways to spend time with the Lord and show our gratitude?


I wonder what daily habits you could afford to shave a few moments off of to make quiet time with the Lord a priority?

Comment or email me and let me know? I'd love to post some ideas to help other folks out ;).


Anonymous said...

So guilty! I have found different ways to get it in though. I'm so not a morning person so even though I set my alarm a bit earlier to pray I end up pressing the snooze button too many times. So I pray in the shower and in my car. I usually hit alot of traffic coming into work so sometimes at the red lights I read a few verses and worship Him with some music.

Anonymous said...

I also pray in the shower, due to my busy life. Instead of the D&D stop, I find that I can hear Him speak to me on my quiet slow paced 15 minute walk to work. That is OUR time together. On rare occasions when I do get the house to myself,instead of turning on that Lifetime movie, I quickly grab my bible, dim the lights and get intimate with my #1 Man.

LCGreen said...

Love it!!

Lynne Pina said...

It is too true. Add Facebook to the list and now there is less time. I did fast facebook for 2 weeks and took that time to spend praying and reading. It was good. I do thank God each morning when I wake up, and each night before I sleep. I also offer up my work each morning when I get to the office. I have a prayer list on my wall for those who have asked for prayer. I feel like my mind is on God all of the time. But... It's not the same. The one thing I miss that I used to do every day though, is sit quietly for almost an hour and just sit and talk, listen and read with God. Those times are special. So, my plan after all of this, is to create that quiet corner in my house and set time each day, not just Saturdays or occassional days, to go there with my notebook and my bible and sit with God. Tell my family that I am off limits for a half hour or an hour and do what I know I need to do. I will let you know if I follow through. I hope so.

Lady D said...

I feel ya Ladies! Lately I have been trying to get my outfit together and take a shower the night before just to give myself a little more time with the Lord. I am kind of new to getting up and trying to focus my mind on God, but am realizing the difference it makes in my day so I figure the extra 15 mins could make it even better! I like the idea of getting creative with my time spent with God and keeping it fresh! Im gonna have to make that happen and come up with something good! Keep ya posted!

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