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A few weeks ago, I was really touched by a verse in Psalms that I'd never read before. Thanks to Amy Beth, author of one of my favorite blogs (www.ministrysofabulous.com). Wanna see it?

"God sets the lonely in families..." Psa 68:6 ~ NIV


When I first read this, I thought about it for days...and the Lord showed me something: There is a real difference between "relatives" and "family." Maybe you already knew this, but I guess I needed HIM to break it down for me.

Relatives are the people you have a blood or legal connection to. Whether you like it or not, you are connected to them. It is not by choice. And sometimes we're lucky enough to even like these people!

Family members, though, are the people who love you unconditionally and always make you feel at home. They are the people that embrace your weaknesses with your strengths. They are the ones you can call at inconvenient hours of the day or night and they don't think twice about talking to you.

"God sets the lonely in families..."

Have you ever felt closer to folks that you weren't related to??

I don't think that's always a bad thing. Sometimes it's the BEST thing.

Please don't feel sad if you aren't close with all of your relatives. Why? Because there are relatives (some, not all) who will use that very connection to use and manipulate you. They know that you won't say "no" because you don't want to hurt their feelings because...they're FAMILY.
And in the end, YOU end up hurt and they walk away as if nothing happened. In those cases, a healthy boundary is needed to protect your heart.

There are also some of us who are blessed to have relatives who are also family. If that's you, then you've hit the Jackpot, baby!! I am jealous....;)

Whatever category YOU seem it fit into, know that with this new definition of "family" God knows the people who will draw out the best in you.

He'll introduce you to them as you walk through life. You'll meet them at work, at little league, at church, in a class, anywhere! And you will always feel at home with them.

There IS a place for you wherever you are. You are not forgotten!!


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