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Hey, Sweetness! Yes, I Mean YOU.

Sorry for the long delay in today's post. Hectic Monday morning.

In my devotional reading today (2 weeks straight -- woohoo!), there were a few great scriptures that I read.

Let's start with this one today:

Proverbs 16:24
"Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones."

Reading this, I was thought of how nice it is to get "good mail" --- for me these days (post maternity visit), that's anything without an "Amount Due" box written on it somewhere.

Good Mail pieces are the sweet nothings sent by lovers, friends, family members...things that just say hello and make you smile.

SO: When was the last time you mailed a note or little card "just because" to a friend? Have you ever?? Send one out this week via USPS ~ it can make all the difference to someone. You never know.

And yes, even if you talk to/see this person everyday, mail something to them anyway. From your heart. And surprise them good.

Reading this verse also made me consider my choice of words. I could probably use a few more "pleasantries" in my speech...even more sweetness in my thoughts.

A word that comes to mind is, "ENCOURAGEMENT".

Women talk a lot.

We talk to think and think to talk.

This is often touted as a bad thing, but only because we don't usually know when to stop!

Science says we use more than double the words of men on a daily basis. And even our vocal cords vibrate at a rate twice the speed of male vocal cords.

Does this mean I'm a bit of a nerd? Yes.

Does this mean I overpaid a 4-Year Institution to say this with confidence? Absolutely.

But it also means that women have double the opportunity to really make or break someone's day (including our own) with our words.

"Pleasant words are...sweet to the soul and health to the bones."

Women are blessed to give life in so many ways. I don't think we've been given the gift of gab for nothing. I think we're designed to speak life and sweetness into the souls of the lives around us. Our babies, our husbands, our girlfriends and our co-workers.

LISTEN: WE can make or break the very bones of people with our words. YOU know this is true if you've ever been REAAAALLLY insulted or abused by someone's words. So why not turn it around and see what could happen?

Situations can get catty with some women because of deep needs & wounds that go unhealed for a long time.

I think it's time we started taking responsibility for ourselves and what we say. To bring more healing and less hurt. According the Word (in the verse above) doing so can make us healthy, strong...and sweeter.

Who knew?


LadyScott said...

I loved this post. I always wanted to be the lady that sent out birthday cards (on time), remembered anniversaries and special dates but I am not there yet. Even if I don't remember all those special dates, I can make it a special day for someone close to me my sending them a nice card or not. I WILL find time to do that this week.

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