7:46 AM

Hey, Sweetness! Yes, I Mean YOU...(part deux)

Hey There! In my earlier post, I neglected to say that "Good Mail" can also come in the form a text.

A brief hand-written note (even just on a Post-It) sent via Regular Mail is best. Sometimes texting is lazy...and sometimes it's helpful!

But if you take a second to let someone know how you feel about them, the vehicle really doesn't matter.

(Wives, that goes for you too)

The sentiment of the message counts.

Quick, quick! Send one now!!

Make somebody smile this week :)


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, LC, thanks for stopping by. You're too cute with your writing. Love it. So glad you left me a comment & so happy you found my blog. Glad you liked what you saw & please feel free to come back often.

Oh, and I see you are a brand new blogger! Welcome & have fun, it's a blast. :)

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