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I hope that everyone had an awesome weekend. I was busy with a few projects and Sunday took our family to preach in Rhode Island and then back to Somerville , MA for our own church service. I am exhausted today!!

It's Monday. I'm sitting at my desk itching out of my MIND.

While folding laundry this weekend (a pile that has been taunting me for two weeks), I came across a top that I'd forgotten about. I remember loving the cut and color when I bought it, so I was even happier to find it again!

This morning I got dressed and was quite pleased with the final look - wearing the cute top, of course.

But now that I've been wearing it for a few hours, I remember why I'd put it to the side in the FIRST place. Something in the fabric along the neck makes me itch really bad. So now I'm trying to work and type and pull at my shirt. Great way to NOT look crazy (insert sarcasm here).

I should have just gotten rid of the darn thing, instead of hiding it from myself however long ago!

I'm telling you, if you let Him, God can speak to you through anything.

Today, I'm reminded by the Lord that some things and some people are better left alone. If I knew that this thing would irritate my neck and almost cause a rash, why oh WHY would I put it back on again?? Why wouldn't I just get rid of the shirt instead of saving it?

Why?? Because we have short memories.

And sometimes if we don't get rid of the things (or remove ourselves from situations) that cause us harm, they can entrap us again. If the Lord has made you free from something, cut your ties to that thing. And don't pick it up again. Stop "saving" it in case you might need to use one part of it later. Get rid of the clutter in your life. Even if it's just once piece at a time.

And yes, I'm talking about habits and even sometimes other people who are not good for your growth.

Enjoy your Monday. I will spend the next few hours being prickled about the neck and face. Waiting for the chance to go home and throw this thing AWAY!!

What are some things YOU could stand to de-clutter this week?


Anonymous said...

I can stand to de-clutter bad eating habits..I will trade junk food for healthier foods.

Anonymous said...

Ok! So this definately spoke to me...I know there is much in my life that I need to clean out, especially people!Im one of those that will dismiss someone out of my life but keep there number just incase I am feeling lonely one day. Why keep something around when you know the purpose is serves will not change??? So while you are getting rid of that top, I will be deleting some numbers!

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