7:40 PM

Pink is the New Blue?

I've noticed a trend of late...

I'm out in public with my baby, she's dressed in some sort of pink outfit with bows and bibs that say things like, "Diamonds are a GIRL'S Best Friend" and she's chewing a pink toy.

Without fail, every once and a while, someone says, "Aww...lovely baby. How old is he?"


Granted, at 7 months, her ears are not pierced. They most-likely will remain that way until we're moved to do otherwise.

But are we so gender-blurred these days that an infant SWADDLED in pink indicates nothing?! (sigh)

For the first two older folks who said this, I politely smiled and figured it wasn't worth correcting. I let it go.

Sort of.

But when the fourth person in one month said, "What a precious boy." I almost lost it.

After my husband gently said that she was a girl, the person was sort of sorry...

Unable to resist, I smiled and said, "It's okay...no one notices pink clothes anymore."

This was Proooooobably one of those times I should have resisted & kept my mouth shut!

I can't be the only new mom who's dealt with this.

Oh Self-Control...

Mental note: Do better next time.


Miss Avi said...

Oh yes, I've been there! If my memory serves me correct, on one occasion I had my daughter outfitted in a pink and purple one-piece and a stranger still called her a "cute fella."

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