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SI SE PUEDE! (did I say that right?)

Good morning!

Yesterday, I'd planned to post, but things got a little hectic. We just bought a new desk for the home office and I ended up having to orchestrate the WORST MOVERS EVER!
I haven't figured out my new camera yet (sorry), so here's an example of what the desk looks like. The sucker is HEAVY.

And seriously, I wanted my money back. BEFORE the move occured. You know how you just get the feeling in your stomach that things are just NOT gonna go well? Well that was me all day. I was locked in to the deal, but it worked out, I guess. I got my stuff. (deep sigh)

Anyway...in between all the stressed emails and phone calls, you were on my mind.

Away we go!!

Along the lines of ENCOURAGEMENT (which I guess the Lord has made my theme for the week), another verse hits home. Check it out:

Isaiah 50:4,5

"The Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning. Wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. The Sovereign LORD has opened my ears, and I have not been rebellious. I have not drawn back."

Is that amazing or what??

Even when we feel inadequate, the Lord will give us just the right thing to say to help someone else keep going! If we'd learn to listen...to slow down just a little bit here and there, He's able to download His instructions to us for the day.

And who knew that if we DIDN'T take the time to listen, it's a form of rebellion?

Yikes. I thought it was just a little laziness that He'd overlook...

For some reason, the word "rebellion" always makes me think of teenagers. Probably because that's whom the word gets thrown at most times!

Rebellion is simply defined as "opposition to one in authority or dominance". So anyone can be rebellious. Go easy on the teens.

And yes, rebellion usually gives little or no thought to consequences.

Our choices have a direct effect on the course of our lives. Think of it this way: each YES and NO is a turn in one direction or another. Either you are choosing the "narrow way" which leads to life. Or you are taking the "broad road" which leads to destruction.

Funny, I didn't think that the whole "ENCOURAGEMENT" theme would lead me here....

I warmly encourage you to say YES to the Lord today.

In the small ways.

In the little "yes" that listens to Him while you wash your hands. The little "yes" that makes you close your eyes for an instant to pray for someone who comes across your mind. The little "yes" that holds your tongue when you get a juuuuicy piece of office gossip.

And say "no" to turning away from the Lord today. Say "no" to rebellion and childish ways. It makes saying "yes" to the Lord a bit easier. You'll be so glad you did. The people around you will be glad too. Although they might not realize why...

But YOU will.


Anonymous said...

YES.....thank you Lady C Green for this word and encourgment. For I have been rebellious. I have been told to fast and read the word and I am acting as if I don't hear. Just like a teenager. YES, Lord!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this..your words truly bless me daily!

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