4:33 AM

Get Cookin'

I haven't been cooking. I've been trying to keep the house clean, throw clutter in the trash and keep all the books balanced. And work a job & have a life.

Last week was full of quick, throw-em-together pantry meals. SO VERY thrown together, I don't remember what they were!!

But it seems that the crockpot was made for times like this.

The other day, I made beef stroganoff in le crockpot and was able to enjoy my baby girl AND the premiere of America's Next Top Model Le Cycle 13. Once it was done, I dated and froze half of it & put the rest in the fridge.

Over the weekend, I'd made my first Jambalaya in the crockpot too. DEE-lish! But I've never had it before, so what do I know?

Neither of us got sick, so I was happy.

I'm not so great at making UP recipes, but I am wonderful at following them! I mean, when you think of it, the Bible is just one big recipe book for life, ain't it?

(heh heh, anyone? anyone? ...is this thing on?)


Soooowwww....my personal "mothership" (as one friend calls it) is Allrecipes.com.
Until I got married, I never knew how to cook. But this website (and PBS and Everyday Food and Jaques Pepin) taught me how. There is even an INGREDIENT feature where you type in what you have and it will suggest recipes for those things.

Last night I made the EASY BEEF STROGANOFF and tweaked it just a tad. It simmered for 5 hours and was great!
Even better? I don't have to cook for a few days.

Now if I could just get to that laundry...


Poochie said...

I doooo love the crockpot myself. You can also cook a roast in it. Add all your ingredients and simmer ~ just don't over cook cause then you will be changing your menu from roast to beef stew.

stephanie said...

mmmmm...baby girl, ANTM, and creamy beef. sounds like a good night!

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