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I'm Certifiable.

I know I'm not the only woman whom has had NO CLUE about how to make my home LOOK like a magazine, but FEEL like one big, cozy sofa.

My apartment hasn't been a mess. It just hasn't been fabulous.

For three years I have been afraid to mess up the house, put holes in the walls and take any risks. I just didn't want it to be ugly or old-fashioned looking, you know?

Then I complained because I didn't have the money for new furniture and pictures and where was I supposed to hang all that stuff anyway? I wanted it to be perfect.

So since I couldn't have perfection, I settled for nothing at all.

But out of frustration one day, I started looking for a solution. Some kind of instruction to learn something new.

Side Note: Isn't that how fear keeps us trapped, usually? It paralyzes us in one boring, familiar place. Not only does it make us afraid to TRY something new, it makes us afraid to even LOOK.

I'm telling you today to STOP being so scary and LOOK for something new. When you find something that you love, GO AFTER IT and MAKE IT YOUR OWN!


With that said, I am in LOVE.

And by IN LOVE, I mean: I am obsessed.

I cannot stop looking at easy & cheap home decorating blogs. It might be the easy and it might be the cheap. I don't know.

But I'll share:

I've gotten a TON of inspiration from The Nester, and perusing similar blogs like: Southern Hospitality and Thrifty Decor Chick. These women are amazing.

I've redecorated the front hallway and guest bathroom within two weeks & almost NO budget. I've learned to "shop the house" for things that I already have, but could be MOVED. And if I need a new piece, I can find it cheap:

For example, I picked up these lovelies for $10 last night (thank you, Craigslist)!

(Once I finish the living room, I MIGHT have the courage to show you pics!)

While I'm spending time getting over my fears, maybe there's something you need to actively tackle in your house?


Poochie said...

Yeeesssss my basement/toy box. hehehehe
I will take a look at the websites and MAYBE they will give me some ideas. Oh yeah and color I am so afraid of adding color to the walls so they just stay the same old dull w.h.i.t.e. paint. Best of luck with decorating and have fun!!!

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