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Hellooooo Lovelies!!

I wanted to share a picture with you today from my kitchen.

DISCLAIMER: Now, I do not live in a model home. It's not all fancy like a magazine, but I AM LEARNING how to make it more and more beautiful. I am making it my own.

The process is deep & usually leaves me reflecting on my life and things that still need fixin'.

I am learning how to take what I have & make it better. How to appreciate the foundation in my life & build something that is useful and comforting on top of it.

That said, this is my new kitchen sink area...

If you know me, you know that I love The Nester and I definitely stole the "Mirror Over the Sink" idea from her (click there and scroll down).

I've never kept anything nice in the kitchen. It was so BARE! But these little pieces are the start of something wonderful in our home. This little space feels so warm to me now! I love standing here wiping things down, making bottles and praying for my family. Inside the little greenery basket, I put a tiny nest so that I'm reminded to pray: #1 for the The Nester who sparked me on this journey and then #2 for everyone that I love.

You can't see the nest unless you're standing at the sink. Soo cute!!

I don't know why, but just seeing the words, "Love" and "Laugh" always draw me in.

And those things are what I'd like the atmosphere of our family to be full of. I love the jute mirror because it's rugged, but it's tightly wound together...kind of like a family.

It took me a little time (and very few dollars) in the Christmas Tree Shop, but I found the colors and textures that I ADORE as themes in this room. I'm still hunting for the perfect table. And in this picture, you can't even tell that an entire WALL on the left side is totally blank. When you walk into the kitchen, you don't even notice it. Your eye is drawn to what is right in the room. Not what is wrong.

And at this stage of my life, something similar is happening with me.

Building a church with my husband and our members is a step by step process. I am forced to consciously slow myself down to accomplish One.Thing.At.A.Time.

For a Recovering Perfectionist, this is HAAAARD. In my mind, I can see the whole picture. And I want it Right - all at once. But I am learning to finish one project and step back and admire it.


I just realized something. Isn't that what God did during Creation? My goodness, yes.

After each section he completed, He'd step back, check it out and say, "Now that's Good."

Then He'd do more -- and when it was all over, He rested.

The beauty of going step by step is that you get to enjoy the journey of your life and the people around you better. Living this way is teaching me how to ENJOY my faith.

Who knew??

So, I'm sort of rambling today --- but I want to encourage you: in all your errands and "doing", step back. Take a mental picture (or a real one like my little kitchen pic, tee hee). And ENJOY where you are. You'll be able to look over your life...mistakes and all...and say, "Now THAT is Good."


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