10:48 AM

The Last Minute

I'm sitting at the computer, procrastinating.

Just a little.

This is one of my greatest vices.

I manage it by pushing myself to meet realistic dead-lines (via Outlook, FranklinCovey, DayRunners and all that). Oh yeah, and I usually have a purse FULL of tiny "TO DO" lists.

Heh heh...

Today's issue is not that I haven't gotten anything done. I suppose it's the amount of time I've lingered on each task...and the 'extra' two projects project I added last minute.

Over the years, I've learned that procrastination is an accessory of perfectionism, which is usually the dress my fear likes to wear.

Yeah, I tend to think that "perfectionism" is just a fancy way of saying, "I'm scared to screw things up!"

And I don't want to mess things up, I want them just right. So I get scared to try. Because I'M not perfect. And that fear alone can keep me stuck in one place.


So...I guess I'd better face the final "TO DO" list of the day.

And remind myself that:

What I'm doing doesn't have to be perfect to bless someone else.

What I bring to the table is enough.

Fear has NO PLACE living where my FAITH resides.

If I don't do it now I'll be late for church.


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