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A Little More Conversation

THIS WEEK has been a productive one for the church. But I definitely feel the need to watch less t.v. This week, I sort of relaxed a little. This week was perfect to do so because all the best shows were premiering (Hello, Grey's Anatomy?!).

When you have to keep going, going, going you get tired fast. So this week I allowed myself to rest. But with the week over, I realize that I am really just hungry for the Word of God -- because resting with Him not only leaves you restored and revived! You come away full and settled like after a perfect dinner.

What the Lord shows me about life and myself in His Word is what gives my life that spark. It reminds me of who I am in Him and who He is to me. HE is my Life Spark! And I need more of Him everyday - although I don't always make time for more of Him every day.

Last month I didn't watch television at all. I felt the Lord wanted me to have some quiet time with Him and my family. Today, I don't necessarily feel the need to fast again, but I am feeling the need for more quiet. It's like, my thoughts become much clearer when I am not in front of the t.v. for a few hours. Time even passes differently!

Maybe, going forward, what I'll do is take one or two days each week and either:

a.) Keep the television off.


b.) Stay in rooms where I can do something else instead of watching it.

Yes, I can do that! Quiet time allows more space in my schedule to read, play with my daughter and have thoughtful conversations with my husband and friends.

So I ask you today:

Have you been trying different ways of relaxing, but find they only leave you temporarily satisfied? Could it be that you need to dedicate one day for quiet in your house?


Jessica Morris said...

Thanks for taking the time to say hi! :)
I appreciate it and it's nice to "meet" you - sounds like you have a really interesting life with your church.

We don't have cable - our tv is just for the occasional movie and we keep it in the basement, which isn't a place we usually are so it works well for us. When we want to watch a show we go to hulu or watch it on the network itself.

And as for peacefulness in the home I keep worship music playing (thanks to Pandora!!) most of the day - it makes such a difference in our home on the days I play it verses the days I don't play it!

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