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My Water Broke!!

There is never enough time in the weekend. Especially when you have a church
to manage - you automatically lose one day out of the two! But one
enjoyable stop I made this Saturday was a baby shower for an old friend.
The best game provided each attendee with an ice cube that had a tiny
plastic baby inside. Once the ice melted, you had to yell, "My water broke!"
to win a prize.

And OH the things women did to "induce" their labor...

One dumped a salt shaker into her glass because she said,"salt melts ice!" A
few ladies squeezed the babies until their hands went numb - it got a little
crazy. My own baby decided to moon me slowly from my glass. I considered
biting the ice, but got caught. Alas, no cheating for me. The baby came when
it was ready. Not when I wanted.


I personally love a great baby shower with fun games, good food and
enjoyable people. There is nothing worse than being stuck with The Resident
Sour-Puss at your table. I have been stuck there before and personally hate
that sort of bad luck. I'm also super annoyed when guests don't pay
attention to the gift opening portion of a shower. Rudeness!!

Rant Over.

Thankfully, my best friend's mom was also at the shower! My BF lives far
away, so sometimes I borrow her mom & hug her as proxy :).

Carmen is some kinda NewYor-Rican angel -- I can't tell you how awesome she
is. You'll just have to take my word for it. God has given her such a
gracefulness, she just melts your heart with her everyday wisdom. And she's
really funny!

I used to think that becoming a woman of wisdom meant that I had to be super
deep & have all the answers ready at the drop of a hat. Like, I thought I'd
have to become a major spookfest.

But instead, I now know that true wisdom is found in Proverbs -- AND NOT
JUST PROVERBS 31, guys....geez -- and that those truths will nestle deep
within your heart if you read them daily.

Truth that involves not being super witty and perfect everyday. Truth that
directs when to be still & quiet. Truth that bends it's knee at the feet of
God & gives HIM room to prove who is right in a disagreement. Truth that
cries with the broken hearted and laughs with the merry. Truth that lets me
be ME and you be YOU (faults included) -- wherever we are, so that Christ
can be seen in my life. Truth that is 100% authentic.


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