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Not So....Courageous Yet

In my quest to become a great and thrifty homemaker (ooh la LA), I keep reading about all these great finds at yard sales and even curbside that can be rehabbed. Uh huh...the day before trash day.

Until I started reading these blogs, I never really noticed what people set out in front of their homes. You know, the stuff NEXT to the garbage bags?

Online, I keep seeing all these great pieces that women re-paint and gloriously use in their homes. I've been hunting on Craigslist for THE PERFECT table. You know, something I can work with! And I'm the type, I'll try almost anything at least once.

And last night it happened.

Well, sort of...

After dark, I was driving home alone through a really cute neighborhood. My eye caught an awesome table perched on the curb with a few living room chairs. In seconds my mind said, "Yes? NO! Yes? Eeep! Maybe? It's dark! It's the curb!!"

I backed up the Corolla a little bit to see if the table is what I've been browsing online...couldn't tell. So I parked on the opposite side of the street and sat there for two seconds thinking, "Am I about to do this??" I got my answer as I sprinted across the street to look at the table up close. Almost perfect...a little small for my needs. I wasn't even sure it would fit in the car (which last night was crammed with church supplies). I NEED AN SUV!!.


Of COURSE as I was sizing up the table, I saw headlights coming. SHOOT!

"Fight or Flight" kicked in and I ran. I ran back across the street to my car. Except I ran so fast, I got to the passenger's door first. SSSSHOOOOT!! Did I forget who was driving??

So what did I do?

I jumped into the passenger's side to scramble into the driver's seat. Naturally. Because doing so makes me invisible. Besides, I was just in the neighborhood and that wasn't me looking at the pretty trash.

But I decided to sit there and watch the car go by in my rear view mirrors...ya know, "just in case".

The headlights turned out to be a minivan. It slowed down (like I had) but with the back hatch open!

"What the heck?"

Within seconds, a man jumped out of said van, inspected the chairs and scurried off into the night with them under both arms!

What the--??

He ran back just as fast for the table (which, by the way, was in perfect condition).

And I was left alone. With my Corolla. And my cowardice.

I need an SUV. And some freaking courage, apparently.


Naria & Ken said...

SUV doesn't solve it all - LOL - I'm dying laughing here ... just ROLLING!

Poochie said...


Anonymous said...

LOL! Good one!!! I know so many people who get their stuff from trash day in nice neighborhoods!

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