12:22 PM

Oh Snap!!

Okay, okay...I'll admit that I've been trying to find some lame excuse to say "Oh Snap!" on the blog.

It's not a particularly Sparked (aka "enlightened") phrase, but:

a) It makes me laugh.
b) It's soo 90's - indulge me.
c) I loved hearing it on That's So Raven! (Yes, at my age I am a fan. Stop judging me.)
d) Anytime Joy from My Name is Earl says it, I'm tickled.


What made me say "Oh Snap!" this afternoon was a post from an incredible woman named, Lysa TerKeurst on her blog (I can NOT pronounce her name). This sucker is on ENVY and my sistahs, you simply must see it. Take a second and read it here.

Let me know what you think of it (email me directly or comment me here).

And for the heck of it, make up an excuse to say, "Oh Snap!"...however random..it'll make you & someone else giggle.


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