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Don't ask me how I'm able to post this...the machine wasn't working before!

No more wait!!

Have you ever been so tired that on your way to work you close your eyes for a few steps? Just needing those last 5 seconds of peace before you go inside?


It's been one of those weeks for me.

But yesterday I was reminded by a good friend of mine:

If women don't take care of themselves regularly, they either implode (caving under the pressure) or they explode (blowing up because of the pressure). Either way, they fall apart.

I was cleaning up the house & fussing about a mess when I heard the Holy Spirit say one word to me: Martha.

No, not THE Martha who makes everything from crafts to pies "just perfect". I'm talking about Martha from in the Bible.

I remembered the story in LUKE 10 of when Jesus visited the sisters, Mary & Martha. Mary welcomed Jesus in, stopped everything and immediately plopped down to chat with him. Martha saw everything that still wasn't done and hustled.

Hellooo?? JESUS - aka "Master of the Universe" aka "Son of the Living God" aka "THE MAN" was in the room! I'd be lighting candles and hiding dust bunnies too!

When Mary didn't get up to help Martha, the pressure built up and Martha exploded. I'm sure she wiped the sweat from her forehead before saying to Jesus, "Umm...Can you tell this chick to help me?! 'Cause I'm doing all the work here and there is a LOT to be done!"

I can imagine Mary rolling her eyes at Martha, waiting to hear Jesus' response. I'm sure He was in the middle of a great story before the interruption.

So do you know what Jesus said to Martha?? He was so smooth -- He replies, "Martha...Martha! You are worried and upset about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better..."

Dang. Salted.

There is always so much to be done. And women wait our whole lives to be surrounded by loved ones that we can nurture and take care of.

But that rhythm can be easy disturbed when we are off our game.

I want to encourage you today, just like I was encouraged yesterday:


That is the ONE THING that is needed.

When you are looking and feeling your best, you can give to those around you out of an abundant heart. Not out of your depleted supply. If you take time...even just a few minutes....each week for yourself, your family & friends will benefit from the best of you.

"Me Time" looks different to all of us.

It can be a nap, an undisturbed bubble bath or hair appointment, or a long overdue mani & pedi.

Whatever it is for you, write it in your little book as a priority. If you don't take care of you, you can't take care of anyone else.
And if you don't take time to visit with the Master, how else can you keep your priorities straight?

I guess my dust bunnies can wait...I can hear Jesus knocking at the door of my heart now, telling me to slow down. Visit for a while. He's got something He'd like to say...


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