9:36 AM

What's to Eat?

I love cooking. But I rarely have the time or energy to make the meals that
I want.

Quick, slow, whatever.

Sometimes I am so inconsistent. But I never give up. I keep trying.

I find myself on kicks where I'll cook up a storm, then take a break for a
week or two.

Or I'll buy a ton of fresh veggies...determined to make something delicious.
Then I'll get busy with something else. And to weeks later I find the potato
and peppers at the bottom of the fridge growing beards and dreadlocks.
Waitin' on me, mon.

I'd love to try adding more fruits & vegetables to our diet. But I tend to
buy frozen because our schedule can be unpredictable. And I hate to see food
go to waste.

So I'm curious...what do you ladies eat when you don't feel like cooking??
Or do you just cook anyway?


Anonymous said...

Soups is one of my favorites. You don't have to stand over the stove to cook it, you add chicken or whatever else, add seasonings and some veggies, then noodles or 1/2 cup of rice 15 mins before its done and wallah! Cooks in no time and you can make a big pot and save it for another day. Yumm...think I'll make some this weekend.


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