4:55 AM

Baby Brain

My memory is not what it used to be.

It wasn't stellar to begin with, but boy oh boy has it gotten worse! I now live by two or three calendars (electronic, paper and a dry erase board) and I constantly forget punchlines mid-joke. I find myself making lists, answering a question, then forgetting what else I needed to write down!

Thankfully my husband steals my material and delivers it better than I ever could.

Yesterday I told my friend that when I pushed out my baby 9 months ago, I swear half my brains fell out with her.
SHE said nothing fell out, just more important concerns were shoved into my head.

(I think it's a little of both.)

I never forget to come home.
I never forget to be grateful for the love in my life.
I remember to kiss and snuggle the baby every chance I get. She is clothed, fed, sang to, read to and happy.
I remember that life has never been so full for me until now.

Now what was I talking about??


Anonymous said...

hehehe....women/motherhood...I would not want to be any other creation that God have made. And YOU, Lady C are wonderfully and fearfully made ;*]

LCGreen said...

I agree! As crazy as this ride of life is as a woman -- I would not change my experience one bit!

Anonymous said...

Hee hee..being a mother is the best gift of all! She's soooo cute!

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