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It's a bit early for daydreaming, I'll admit. But I'm trolling Craigslist this morning for Parson's chairs. I want something simple and classy.  Some of these things posted for ungodly amounts of money are just not worth it.

Not really ugly, just boring. I could reupholster the thing, but I don't feel like doing that. So the "Booo" sticks.

EXHIBIT B (Double Booo)
These don't even look COMFORTABLE! Would you pay $120 for 6 of these??

There really isn't anything I'm in looove with online today. But these are cool. If they were less than $75 each, I might consider them. I'm not being cheap, I just have a set budget to work with here.

I love the fabric on these chairs!!

So classy...

Notice the detail around the seat? Two of these would be lovely.

I love the skirts!

I wonder where else I could look? Marshalls sells these sometimes, but they are almost (if not) $100 each!

I decided that I'm not going to settle for anything less than elegance & quality. So I guess that means I'll have to be a little more patient as I hunt for the perfect chairs.  Aaargh!


Naria & Ken said...

What are the cliches I can say here? "Rome wasn't built in a day", "Creation took 7 days ...", and most important in my life right now "Good things come to those who wait!" xoxo

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