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I Can't Afford That

For the last two years, every six months I've seen my dentist & hygienist. And at each cleaning appointment, the hygienist asks me the same question: "Have you ever considered buying an electric toothbrush?"

(I'm going somewhere with this, just stay with me)

Anyhoo, my answer has always been some variation of, "No, I forgot."

I really would! I would promise to buy one when I was in the chair and would think of reasons why I couldn't afford to buy one as I drove away. To me, my regular toothbrush was just fine. And the last time I checked, my hands weren't broken. I could handle this.

The hygienist insisted that I buy one because she said that I was brushing too hard, which was causing my teeth to become hypersensitive because my gums were hurting.

To be honest, I didn't think it was that bad. I wasn't bleeding, I wasn't sore...things were as they had always been for me.

Well...this week I saw an electric toothbrush on sale and decided to finally give in. All the Sensodyne toothpaste in the WORLD hasn't been helping my sensitive teeth! Cold drinks, hot drinks, everything hurt. I'd even starting chewing on one side to avoid the other!

This morning I followed the instructions feeling quite ridiculous with this buzzing contraption in my mouth. But whatever...I did it.


And do you know, I noticed a difference right away?? My teeth felt cleaner than normal and my gums were just fine. I never noticed it before, but they usually ARE a little irritated after normal brushing. I couldn't tell until there was NO sensation after the fact. I thought my gums were supposed to feel kind of...invigorated? (I don't know...)

Okay, okay -- so my point:

God has placed around each of us...wherever we are...people who know what they are talking about. Pastors, ministers, seasoned friends who have seen things that we have not in life. And there are times when listening to them can do us the most good. No matter how "right" our way seems to be.

Healing is a CHOICE. It's a sincere submission of yourself to God & His process. It's when you begin to trust His guidance for every area of your life.

In my case, I didn't trust that my dentist folks knew that I couldn't afford an "electric" brush...so I didn't really need it. But I should have trusted their care and stepped out to do something different to achieve different results!

It sounds simple...A,B,C...1,2,3 -- but trusting God & His voice that comes through our Godly friends can be a challenge at times.

Today, consider something that keeps "coming up" in your life. Some sort of advice or word of direction that you have been ignoring or swatting away because you're too busy or just can't commit. Something that maybe one of your seasoned friends has confronted you about gently & you brushed it aside.

By NOT being obedient, you could be doing more damage with each day that you stick to the old routine. Just like I was!

You CAN commit and when you do, your heart & mind will be FREE!
Free of things you don't even realize are weighing you down.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very true. We get so comfortable in our routines and are afraid of change! But as Pastor said last week Change can be a good thing!! Time to break out!
Thanks for reminding us!

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