4:55 AM

Our Space

Our 9 month old daughter is beginning to crawl around the house.

We've made room for her by eliminating dangerous clutter and trying to hide electrical cords (which she likes to find and chew --- oh my NERVES!!).

Last night, we watched her crawl around coffee table as if she were on some major journey. Picking up socks along the way...stopping to watch television...giggling a little.

And my husband looked at her laughing and said, "Wow! This is a tiny space for us, but she must feel like she's got all the room in the world going around and around the table!"

I can imagine that with her tiny self, the room MUST feel big!

And I immediately thought to myself: That must be how we look to God sometimes. Happy in our little circles, when there is a great big world out there to explore!  It's not always a bad thing.   We need a certain amount of space as we continue to grow. Much a like a small plant in a large pot.  But once we mature to a certain point, we need more room -- more space to thrive!

Wherever you are today, in your personal and spiritual life: Are You Thriving?? Are you getting all the space and air and nutrition you need to remain healthy?

Or are you a big plant in a small pot?  Choking at the roots and ever so slowly losing oxygen?

I hope that you are reaching out for more. Challenging yourself to find good ground to let your roots grow deep. Break out of the old and into the NEW!


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