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Where I Am

In case you're wondering where I am these days, I am here. I promise. My "to do" list has been growing and changing and pulling up a seat to most meals with me.

Right now I'm on the hunt for a new cell phone. 2 years ago my dear husband bought me an HTC Sprint Mogul. I think I wanted something much simpler, but he always tries to give me the best (HEART him!!).

I got used to this ugly thing because it's basically a laptop...in a phone. Seriously. It's even controlled like a desktop computer with a Mobile Windows.

Lately, my phone has been on the fritz...yelling at me with random memory pop ups, folding it's arms and refusing to send my texts. Sometimes it even oversleeps and refuses to ring the daily a.m. alarm that I keep set. Bah!

The final straw came last night: I asked my husband to see what he could do to fix my dilemma. Trying his best, he accidentally reset the phone.  Deleting everything.

EVERYTHING YA'LL -- contacts, newborn baby pics, the whole shebang.

Surprisingly though, I wasn't pissed. I just sort of thought: Well, I guess I need to send some emails to friends (because who memorizes telephone numbers anymore?) & get a new phone.

I am NOT a gadget girl, I just like to make sure I'm going to be happy with such a big purchase! So after much research & a trip to the Sprint store here are the two finalists:

The Sprint RECLAIM

This little thing is so darn CAH-UTE! But with my current phone, I can browse the web just like I can on my desktop. This phone takes some finagling (sp?) to get on the internet. Hmm...

The Sprint PALM PRE is finalist number two:

Now this puppy is nice! It's basically a cutesy cousin of the iPhone. I'm not really an iPhone fan...but the sliding keyboard on the Pre (and big viewing screen) might change my mind.

I just want something great for texting and internet useage.

Oh yeah, and maybe the phone should sound nice & clear too.


Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

That's a lot of choices - and I don't know the slightest thing about any of them! ;) But I love your blog header, and I'm glad you stopped by my place. Good luck figuring out the big purchase!

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