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In a perfect world, I'm sure there would be a rule that if you serve in a Sunday worship service somewhere, are a Pastor or are married to a Pastor you'd automatically have every Monday OFF!


But alas....

I live in Boston.

For me, Mondays are usually pretty quiet.

Mondays I use to meditate on the words of encouragement and challenge heard during the Sunday sermon (or "sermons", depending on how many services we attend).

Mondays are when my mind slows down to backup each bit of information I received on the day before. I can turn over the nuggets of truth and hold them closely to specific areas of my life to see where I need to yield to the Lord some more.

This is the best thing about Mondays. For me, anyway.

I'm usually kind of tired. I just barely throw together a work outfit. My throat might be a little sore...

But my heart is always glad and my spirit feels FULL.

This Monday, how are you feeling?

Did the Lord inspire you or redirect your steps yesterday? Are you still downloading and backing up all the great truth you heard in church?

Be glad for the chance to feel this way. 

His Word is ALWAYS a blessing.

Be glad for THAT on this Monday morning.



Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! We need to start looking at Mondays this way instead of complaining about the work week starting over! Thanx!


Poochie said...

My Sunday was so refreshing. And not only is my praise contagious to those around me. But my high spirits and the gospel. I have a few hungery souls coming out with me this Sunday.

My Sunday jump starts me my Monday!

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