6:33 AM

I Can't Eat It

Last night I was running on about 60% of energy.  But like all busy women, I went straight to the grocery store after work with my list and went shopping. When I got home, I started cooking almost immediately. I knew that if I sat down for too long, we'd be eating dry cereal by 7:00p.

I purposely decided to cook shrimp scampi for dinner. Fast, easy, whatever.

I also found a recipe for these babies....look familiar?

If you've ever been to Red Lobster, you've had their AMAZING biscuits.  Well I found a recipe that w/a few modifications (thanks to other reviewers) tastes Pretty Darn Close! I was quite proud of myself :). These Cheddar Bay Biscuits turned out so yummy and soft....melted cheese all throughout with just enough salt sprinkled on top....

When I finally sat down to eat with my hubby, I took about 4 bites of everything and gave up. (Okay, 4 tiny shrimp and almost 2 biscuits and I was full).

AND tired.

 I'd been smelling food for hours in the grocery store and then the kitchen and couldn't bear to eat what I'd made!

Don't you hate when that happens??

You spend time cooking and preparing and you can't even enjoy it.

If life were this way in general, I'd be miserable. Thank God I'm able to work AND enjoy my life!

Just not my food all the time. Oh well...I tried! :)


SanTara said...

Oh wow! dinner looks yummy, i hope it translated to a great lunch today..lol

LCGreen said...

I wish it had! I tried a new scampi recipe as well and it was a bust. Plus I didn't want the office to smell like garlic! :)

Anonymous said...

Not eating after all that!? I wish that was my problem! LOL!


Poochie said...

You go girl...that looks sooo good. Did PJ enjoy it?

Naria & Ken said...

Those cheddar biscuits were the best thing about Red Lobster! YUM!!

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