4:52 AM

Jack Frost is Nipping...

This morning my car windows were covered in frost.


It's not even Thanksgiving yet.

(In all fairness, this is a random pic I found on Google. I should have thought of this!!)

As I was scraping away, I thought, "Lord, this is just what you do to my heart from time to time, huh?"

When the everyday elements of life cause parts of me to cloud over, the Lord comes in and removes what's in the way so that I can see clearly to navigate without causing more harm to myself or others. He is an Excellent God.

He comes in because I let Him. I give Him room to work -- even though sometimes I try to handle some things on my own. I'm learning that He actually knows what He's doing.


For me, Winter is always the time of year for introspection. Not intentionally, it just works out that way. I'm stuck indoors for the most part, and stuck with myself! So maybe that's why?

In any case, if there are some cloudy/frosty areas of your heart that you have been afraid to touch or even fully acknowledge, consider yielding that part to the Lord today.

Ask Him to give you the courage to let Him heal you & set things right. 

There is such peace that comes with clarity. 

It passes understanding (Philippians 4:7) and sometimes it passes explanation!

He does a better job than we do anyway. I speak from experience.


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