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Random Pieces of My Fall

Okay...so "we" lost our camera recently....hence the lack of pictures lately. But like I said before...I'm baaack!

I'll walk you through some of them...

Remember that "Stunt Turkey"?

This is what he looked like at the start of roasting him:

This is what he looked like AFTER

YUM! And yes, I stole a piece to check it out - Delicious!

Let's see what else I found going on on that memory card of mine...

I found some cuute Christmas garland at the Dollar Tree. However, I needed a FALL centerpiece.
So you know what I did...Mama worked it out!

I remembered this pre-made arrangement that I haven't used in forever...

 Pulled off all the poinsettias and holly leaves and berries (they can easily be re-attached)

And in about 20 minutes, I had my fall centerpiece all ready!

And since we lost our camera shortly after this picture was taken, I have no "feast" photographs to show you!! (insert angry face).

On to brighter things!

Oh yeah! I tried my hand at different "tablescapes".
I don't have a traditional mantle in the apartment, but I do have an old piano that works just fine.

I kept taking pictures to think about what I liked/didn't like/etc.

The first one was cool, but I wanted something more colorful and dramatic and layered.
Gotta take chances, right?

Speaking of "chances"...

I made my very first pie crust from scratch.
Funny cause it looks like a cat scratched the crap out of it.

No cat though.
Just me.

The pie itself (pecan) actually came out great.

And this is my Chicken Little. My Suga Booga.
She is as sweet as pie.

 I told you these were random!

Okay, so this particular day, my Chicken Little was a Screaming Banshee.  For a good hour or so, at least.
To quiet her down, I gave her a favorite toy: a paper napkin.

I turned away for a few seconds and turned backed when I noticed how quiet the room got.
She'd shredded the thing & fell right to sleep on the floor.
The floor!

Random pieces of my fall.
Days and moments of a life I never could quite imagine in my teen years (or even early 20's).
But it's mine and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Are you grateful for your random pieces?


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