4:39 AM

So So Daily.

Yesterday I heard Pastor Chuck Swindoll tell a story of his youth. He said one day a family friend said to him:

 "Young Charles, the trouble with life is that it's so daily."

Kind of true, isn't it?

We get in our patterns and routines and within what feels like a few days, a few YEARS have passed. Where did they go? What did we spend them on?

I'm not always the most eager to go to work in the morning. But I am grateful to have a job to slightly dread each day.  I love the work, but my heart is always thinking of my family and my church.

In an effort to become more diligent and intentional about my time, I am putting myself on a bedtime routine.  Taking care of a few things each night -- last night was Day One and it was pretty good!  Tidying the house, prayer, t.v., nap, prepping clothes & food for work, prepping baby bottles and some time in the Word.  I cut out a few shows that I normally watch to get these things done. Plus with the holidays coming, I have more recipes to test drive ahead of time! I've gotta stay on the ball!

I want to stick to this new routine. Not extra strictly, but generally. I MUST have time in His presence daily -- more than the prayers on the go or when I can steal a few "Mommy Moments".

Do you have a daily routine that keeps your life healthy and balanced? Have you been telling yourself that you'll start it tomorrow? Oh I know I'm not the only one! Start it today and leave the procrastination behind you.


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