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Stunt Turkey

Thanksgiving is almost here, can you believe it?!

I've been preparing by cooking "test runs" for the recipes I plan to use that day.  It worked for me last year.  Some dishes I only cook at Thanksgiving, so I have to make sure that it comes out RIGHT.

Last year was my first turkey experience. It was actually fun because I bought a fresh bird. AND because it was only 1/2 of a turkey. Who knew the grocery stores even SOLD fresh half turkeys?? It was perfect for the small group that gathered with us.

And did I mention that it was perfectly cooked in 2 1/2 hours?? Mhmm....

I sort of used a hybrid recipe.

Martha Stewart has an awesome dry brine recipe that I combine with another from AllRecipes.com. Some kind of way it comes out delish, and I'm pleased!

A dry brine is when you cover a bird with salt for a number of hours, then rinse it & prep it to cook. It does WONDERS on a turkey. You will NEVER have a dry meat doing it this way.  Someone online did a tutorial on Martha's method here.


Last week I found a fresh half on sale for $10 (WooHoo)!!  This would be my Stunt Turkey -- if it came out bad, no big deal. I could tweak the recipes later. 

Sadly, I was slightly distracted by a television show and over-salted the bird. Gaaack!

Tasty with a twang --

I've also made stunt pies, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. By the time Thanksgiving is here, I'll be grateful to not have to eat the same thing, I think!

Oh ~ if you're wondering about the whole "stunt" thing. It comes from some of my college friends. I can remember hanging out with them & wondering why they always had extra shirts, shoes, belts in the back of their car. One of them told me, "Oh that's my stunt shirt. With my luck, something is always gonna go wrong, so I'm prepared with an extra one."

At the time, I found it a hilarious concept. These friends were GUYS!

But alas, I have copied and mastered the STUNT WORLD of the kitchen.

Stunt Turkey & Stunt Pies...you have served me well.

I'm Ready for Turkey Day!! :)


Anonymous said...

I think that is a good tip for new wives and/or hostess. Soooo is PJ the taster of these "stunt dishes". You enjoy your Gobble Gobble Day!!!

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