5:43 AM


The day before Thanksgiving I was trolling TJMaxx for any last minute finds that could help make the house more beautiful for the holiday.

I walked past the Clearance rack two things caught my eye.

The first, an adorable little bunny that matched my new dish set & candlesticks

I put him on the table that greets you when you first come into the apartment.
We call him "Crackles"


My husband calls him Crackles.  And apparently they are arch enemies?
Hubby hates the bunny.  Just doesn't "get it".
But I love him!

I wanted to call him "Whiskers" or "Crackers"....but the hubs kept saying, "Where's Crackles now?"

So it stuck.  And Crackles stays.

The other thing that caught my eye (and my throat) was this little milk bottle. It screamed to go home with me.

Do you see that?

RIGHT near my thumb is a chip. A Big one.  Because of it, the bottle was marked down to .70 cents!

Oh yeah!


Take another peek at that milk bottle with the chip.


For some reason, it spoke to me that day. It seemed to represent everything that is wrong and right with family.
Understated, kind of messed up, and kind of beautiful & sweet.

Maybe that's not a big thing to you, but family is beautiful -- even more so because of it's flaws.
I'm happy to live in a home where I'm free to be my imperfect self.  And it doesn't make me less of a person. It makes me better.

Love is a Safe Place. Or at least, it's supposed to be.

Others can relax around me more when they see that there are chips and dents in me too.
Those flaws don't mean I can't hold someone when they are broken or fill them up when they feel empty.
By God's grace, I'm here...full of love, ready to serve.

Is that how you see family?


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