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Bad Girls: Potiphar's Wife - Genesis 37 & 39


 I haven't been able to post the usual 3 times a week. We are very busy at RFC developing family programming and it takes a lot of time and energy. So, until things slow down a little for me, I'll be blogging about once a week to post the notes from the Sunday Morning Book Club at Rhema Fellowship, mmkay??

In our time together on Sunday mornings, we get a chance to really dig in to the stories in the Bible and our own lives. It's become such an introspective time -- and a big blessing to us all.

This week, I also thought it would be fun to share the thoughts of one of our Resident Bad Girls. I asked if I could share her thoughts anonymously and she graciously agreed. I don't want anyone to feel like they don't know enough to participate and have fun. If you're open to learn, then you're open to grow with us.

I'll give you a brief synopsis of the story and then we'll move!

*This post is pretty long -- but I tried to break it up for ya. Enjoy!!


So! Joseph was the youngest child of a man named Jacob. He was the baby and the favorite and his brothers hated him & his confidence. Their hatred caused them to sell him as a slave to get rid of him (ouch).  But the Lord was with Joseph and favored him wherever he was.  He was bought by the head security guard of the king.  While working for this guy, Potiphar, Joseph was the MAN!  And the lonely, bored, desperate housewife of Potiphar started to notice -- Joseph. She invited him to sleep with her, but he refused (but this lady liked a challenge). She finally set him up with no one around and when he rejected her, she lied and claimed rape. Joseph was thrown in jail and we hear of Potiphar's wife no more.


Yes...Mrs. P. was quite trifling. Some of the ladies on Sunday called her a hot mess, desperate, etc.! In the class we talked about idle time and how it can lead to fantasies about illicit sex and even fantasies about having arguments and being angry (for those of us whom are rage-a-holics).


Some fantasies can jack up the relationship you already have in reality. 'Cause no regular man/woman can live up to the images/acts in films and romance novels. They get your head & expectations all twisted. And then you end up mad because hubby can't do it like what you saw on...or get you excited like...and you don't know how to relay/communicate, so it gets all tangled up & can hinder the connection you have with your spouse (or future spouse). We discussed having realistic expectations for the men in our lives. So it might be time to get rid of the romance novels, ladies!!

Oooh we also talked about "souveniers" from old relationships that need to be thrown away. When Potiphar's wife ripped Joseph's coat, she kept it next to her all day...as a souvenier. And those things not only stay in our homes, but they stay in our hearts -- until we break free and get rid of them. Jewelry, CD's, pictures, clothes from old relationships....whew!!

Trash Day anyone??


We learned that hurt is the root of quick tempers. And we can fight them by learning to be slow to speak, quick to listen & avoid giving the devil any foothold in our hearts. Give him an inch and he'll take a mile!!

The anger/bitterness in Potiphar's wife was really a symptom of her real sickness: hurt. rejection. And how those things in US cause us to lash out at people, cussing and swearing. Fantasizing about revenge. And if someone pulls the right trigger to that old wound, it sets off a rage that seems to come out of nowhere. But it's from "somewhere" alright!


So we discussed how to start surrendering yourself in prayer, asking God to take you to the hurt for Healing in His presence --- so that you can be free. So the triggers don't work anymore. And the devil has NO foothold in your life. But the spirit of God can come in -- the Bible says that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. Freedom.

Our Homework this Week:
Using a Post-It or Index Card, write down the verse found in Ephesians 4:26-27. Put it at your desk and look at this week. A lot. And ask the Lord to develop those qualities in you.  No Bible on hand? No problem...online, go to http://www.biblegateway.com/. You can view ANY Bible verse in just about ANY translation or language. Yah.


"I did finish the chapter on Potiphar's wife one word for her NASTY.....I also started the new chapter.

What I'm getting out of this class already is not only am I learning about the women in the Bible, but I'm really looking at the events in the scripture and cross referencing them to my life. AND getting to know the other people in the stories.

Example: I have read and heard the story of Adam and Eve many times before..But reading the book, re-reading the scripture and having the discussion in class. I just realized that Adam & Eve were married and having sex long before they ate from the forbidden tree. I always thought God made Eve as a best friend/sisterly companion. And that AFTER they ate the fruit, they saw each other  as more than sister/brother relationship. DUH!!

I don't see Eve as a Bad girl (not like Potiphar's wife). I do have a new view as to how we as women are supposed to call on our husbands for support and guidance. And I saw how the serpent really snaked all in Eve's mind. I learned more about how he works on me and how to run.....

Thank you for having this class I am truly learning new things about me and my walk. I will be there this Sunday."
Reader, if YOU are free on Sundays at 10:00 a.m., you should join us too. Even if you don't have the book. It's worth it. And we're done by 11:00 a.m.!


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