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BAD GIRLS OF THE BIBLE: The Woman At the Well

Hey Ladies,

How goes it??

If your life is anything like mine, you are probably juggling 3 to 9 different family and personal projects at one time.  You may or may not have finished the most recent chapter, but you probably really, really want to. 

Lucky for you, if you don't have much time, you can just read the Bible's direct version of the story.

You'll find it in John 4:1-42.

Go read it, I'll wait...

Phew! That was fast...

Hmm...we're gonna have to go by the Honesty Policy here, I guess...

Well, here were find a woman who was clearly avoiding a lot of people. So much that she decided to run out for some water in the blazing sun (most women waited until the cool of the day).  But most women hadn't been married to 5 previous men...and thus been related to just about everyone in town at one point or another.  I imagine that most of these folks had given her wedding presents too...maybe more than once?

Soo umm...yeeeeah...

I'd probably choose the blazing heat as well.

So our girl is there doing her thing and Jesus (who had been walking for some time & was really thirsty) asked if she'd give him a drink.  Technically because they were of different "classes", they shouldn't have been talking. But hey, after 5 husbands, our woman at the well was no shrinking violet.

The two of them dished a little bit and Jesus is back to work.  He sees right into her -- through her -- into her past and present.  And instantly her thirst became more important than his own.  Her true thirst - emotional, physical and spiritual -- was laid bare before him.  And worldly as she was, this woman was smart enough to recognize the Messiah and call others to hear him speak. A lot of people in town came to listen to Christ because of her testimony.  THEN they ended up believing because the Gospel alone was strong enough to save them.


To be honest, I had a difficult time getting through this chapter in the book.  For some reason it just wouldn't hold my interest.  Usually when that happens, I know that there is something deeper that I need to find.  I decided to go back to the original story.  PERFECT!

Once I did this and read the study verses, the lesson themes became clear:

Shame & Forgiveness


Spreading the Gospel

Shame & unforgiveness can keep us bound.  They can keep us repeating unhealthy patterns as a form of self-punishment.  Those emotions leave us hungry and thirsty for something that seems to go nameless for so long.  But it's actually a thirst for righteousness and the peace it can bring.  Whether we are conscious of it our not, our soul knows it's Creator. And it will always try to find Him and His peace.

If when the Lord presents Himself to us, and we accept His forgiveness, we can be freed from the shame of our past.  That freedom frees us to become a living walking witness for His peace -- for His Great Gospel.  And then more people are set free as a result of our own freedom.  We are able to walk in grace and mercy.

You haven't done anything that surprises Him. But He's got some incredible surprises waiting for YOU.

I hope this blesses you wherever you are today.

You deserve forgiveness...from yourself. From whatever binds your heart.

And there is a living water that never disappoints -- waiting for you in Christ.  Check out Psalm 1: 1-6 to see exactly what I mean.

Living in Him and His word brings and abundance of life and strength.  Fill my cup Lord!

He is one man who never disappoints.


Elizabeth Price said...

I feel so much like this women of the Bible... My thirst and knowlegde to spread the gospel regardless of my past is what is going on with me at the present moment in my l;ife. I refuse to let judgemental people stop me from getting the blessings I deserve or my spot in the kingdom. I look forward to ordering this book and introducing in my Womens ministry grop Women of Alliance in Raleigh North Carolina

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