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BAD GIRLS: Sapphira's Choice

Here are the themes that jumped out at me as I read this chapter of our study.

(yes, yes, I know...I skipped Delilah on the blog. SORRY!  I got behind and figured it was best to pick up where we are right now)

Honesty with ourselves & God
Giving without strings brings the biggest blessing to our lives
Lying is a waste of time
God can handle all your questions...so ASK, SEEK & KNOCK!

In the book of Acts we meet a couple named Ananias & Sapphira.  They were a part of the early church led by Paul and some of the other major apostles.  It was customary for those who owned land or property to sell it from time to time & donate the profits to the church to provide for those who were in need.  I imagine that those who gave were thanked most graciously by everyone.  Sapphira & her hubby would have taken note of this.  They decided to sell a piece of land that they owned outright.  But instead of giving the entire profit to the church, the held back a portion for themselves.  They both lied about their intentions to Paul (at separate times) and they both fell dead on the spot.


Because I'm' short for time, I'll just hit you with the biggest points from Sunday's class:

We are called to be observant to the people around us. 

We are called to manage our resources well...budgeting, investing & a lifestyle of integrity. 

When it comes to tithing, the Lord lets us keep 90% & only requires 10% to support the work of His house.  Cool.  But for some reason, when we hear the weekly reminder/appeal for the tithe, muscles clench and wallets tighten. Hmm...

During class, the Lord gave me this illustration:

When you visit a store & see an item you've been watching for a few weeks, do you get excited when you see that it's 10% off?  No. Usually you're almost insulted that so little would be taken off the top.
Well in church, why does 10% always sound like it's going to bankrupt your pockets?? 

Truth is, it doesn't bankrupt anything. When you give that blessed amount, the Lord not only returns it to you, He multiplies it in your life in more ways than money.  I'm a living witness to that.

In our class, we learned that those who give freely, without strings or expectation ALWAYS receive the biggest blessing. Why? Because they trust God to meet their needs as they help others. That is not to say that we hand out our rent money to strangers...what that means is we are supposed to budget well so that we know just how much "extra" we have to give in a charitable way. Easy.

But, if you're convinced that you never have enough, then you will always feel as if you can't afford to tithe or give any sort of offering or charitable gift.  This is a trick of the Enemy to keep your money all tied up in the wrong places.

Oh my online sisters...I wish that you could join us in class. I know that my writing here does not cover even half of the discussions, but I try to share the best points at least.

If you're in the Boston area, consider getting up a little early and joining us for an hour. We meet from 10:00a to 11:00a and you will always leave feeling fulfilled.

I'm signing off now...100% exhausted from this long snowy day.

I love you all & will write more soon!


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